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Ensure Compliance to Various Welding Codes around the World
Ensure Compliance to Various Welding Codes around the World

Welding codes and standards address all aspects of design and fabrication of welded components, including welding procedure specifications, quality control and quality assurance during welding and necessary welding skills for a given welding procedure in Marine industry. The relevant code is often specified by the end user or client as a contractual agreement in order to control the characteristics of the welded components that may affect the service requirements. Compliance to these welding codes is therefore a must.

Our welding inspectors are aware of what codes or standards are applicable in a Ship and understand the requirements of the relevant document. We can perform various qualification and testing services in order to verify that the welder or welding operator is capable of making welds within the scope of that standard or that the instructions in the welding procedure specifications are accurate.


We provide qualification of welders and welding procedures for welding compliance with the American Welding Society (AWS) API test on welds and guidelines from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), diverse pressure vessel regulations in Europe, such as PED, TPED, SPVD or the German pressure vessel code AD 2000-Merkblatt, ISO 3834, EN 1090, EN 15085, or DIN 2303. 

With our qualification of welders and welding procedures you can

Be sure welders whose skills are verified can follow the instructions in a given welding procedure specification.


Be confident that welding procedure specification will produce a welded component with properties that satisfy the design requirements.


Ensure the quality of welded components. Rely on our qualified experts with extensive experience in welder testing and welding procedure qualification.


Comply with applicable codes and standards. Benefit from our fast inspection and testing times.


EUROCERT is third party accredited company with expertise in constructions off shore and on shore for more than 20 years. Creating a new building requires the collection of many elements that should be document the construction details given by the oner designer. During the construction EUROCERT supervises the works, ensuring that the necessary actions required in the contractual obligations with the customer have been taken. Developing a project with work supervision times and the production process, offering many economic benefits.

Eurocert inspection body verifies the good practices followed by the manufacturer of the new construction. The technical file of the final construction confirms the performance of the project. The final recipient is ensured through the mediation of EUROCERT, that all the steps of drafting for the correctness of the technical file have been implemented.



EUROCERT SA, Notified Body in the European Union (NB 1128) for the Construction Products Regulation (305/2001 / EC), has extended its activities to CE certification according to the standard:

EN 1090-1: Requirements for the evaluation of the conformity of the structural components.

EN 1090-1 belongs to a group of standards related to the design and construction of load-bearing elements / structures, made of aluminum or steel. In particular, it sets out the requirements for conformity assessment of the performance characteristics of steel and aluminum components, as well as kits marketed as construction products. The conformity assessment covers the construction features and, where appropriate, the design features.

In addition to standard EN 1090-1, the following have been developed:

  • EN 1090-2: Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures
  • EN 1090-3: Technical requirements for the execution of Aluminum structures

which are also the guides for the correct application of the requirements of EN 1090-1.

The CE marking according to EN 1090-1, is mandatory in the European Union from 01-07-2013 while the relevant legislation in Greece provided for the date of application on 01-10-2012.

Finally, it is noted that in the context of certification of steel structures, EUROCERT also provides the following services:

  • Certification of Welders according to the ISO 9606-1 standard
  • Certification of Welding Procedures according to standard EN 15614-1
  • Certification of quality fusion welding requirements according to the ISO 3834 standard.

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Inspection of lifting equipment in construction and repair facilities.
Ultrasonic metal plate thickness measurements
Non-destructive welding tests.
Paint inspection of metallic constructions
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