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In recent decades, the serious effects of human activity on the environment and as a result on the man himself have been felt. Reducing environmental impact and demonstrating climate and nature-friendly business practices play an important role in modern business models. Conscious and responsible use of natural resources by companies can have a positive impact on them, reducing overall costs and improving their image.

Why with Eurocert?

EUROCERT services are based on relevant local and international ISO standards and include audits and certification of the environmental management systems (EMS) as well as evaluation of existing policies, compliance with relevant commitments, and practices followed.
In addition, EUROCERT, always at the forefront of developments, introduces new state-of-the-art environmental services and certifications, proving in practice its sensitivity to issues of sustainable development, environmental and corporate responsibility. EUROCERT's verification and certification services aim to reduce the environmental, carbon, and energy footprint of businesses and products, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but also the EU “Green Deal” for a climate-neutral future for the well-being and health of citizens.

Why with Eurocert?
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